What is ASMR and what are ASMR-Videos?

What is ASMR and what are ASMR-Videos?

ASMR means „Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response“. This is a special physical feeling that expresses itself with pleasurable tingling that begins in or on the scalp an head. Often it moves down and can spread throughout the whole body.

The most popular way to get these tingles are ASMR-Videos on youtube. In these videos the performers use different triggers to create the special emotions. Gestures such as steady hand movements can enhance the positive effects. 

what is asmr-videos

ASMR is made for relaxation and tingling.

Most ASMR videos are made to relax the viewer. Some of them should also help to fall asleep or prevent feelings of loneliness.

What are the best ASMR triggers?

Usually an ASMR-Video has a specific topic with a certain trigger or different triggers are mixed. The most popular ASMR-Triggers are: 

 For an even more intense ASMR experience the artists also work with role-playing or co-actors.

ASMR-Videos on asmr-videos.net

Our huge collection of ASMR-Videos is updated daily with the best ASMR content of the world wide web. The big advantage of our site is that we categorize all ASMR videos according to their subject so you can see exactly the content you want.


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