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ASMR Guaranteed To Make You Sleep! Not Click bait | Male Whispered Voice w Triggers Tingles

Welcome everyone! I honestly think tonights video is one of the best I’ve ever produced! Please sit back in my tingle chamber, put on some headphones and … Werbeanzeigen

Boyfriend Roleplay ASMR | Deep Voice Alpha Male | Story Time In Bed | Khleo Bella

Story behind this video is, we went out bar hopping and you got BOD before we even left the house. Your alpha/ Protective boyfriend had to watch your back the …

Male Werewolf Finds You ~ ASMR Roleplay

You actually had the nerve to steal from werewolves.. let me help you to safety. ~ Hello my Odysseys! This was a request from quite a few people, I had fun …

Fixing You ASMR – Relaxing Male ASMR + Patreon Rewards

Looks like you need to be repaired a little! Let me help you remove some of that stress and get some tingles back! This was a little off the top of my head so the …

Nøkken makes you his pet, [nøkken part III] [ASMR] [Roleplay] [male x listener]

thumbnail: https://www.deviantart.com/byakko-kun/art/Nokken-702868852 The song is called devil in disguise, by Gabriel parker. So lovelies, the final chapter of …

[ASMR / Audio RP] Taking Care of a Sick Milo (Male X Listener)

After a long time of trying to be helpful, Milo has gotten himself sick… Now it falls to you to take care of him. This video is made for entertainment and relaxation …

Oral On You, Making You Squirm [Yandere Male ASMR Boyfriend Audio]

Oral On You, Making You Squirm [Yandere Male ASMR Boyfriend Audio]

ASMR Whispered Rapping – Male Whisper, Soft Spoken, Hand Movements

This video is dedicated to the passing of the 21yr old rapper Juice WRLD. RIP man. In this video, I’ll be doing ASMR whispered rapping, including ear to ear …

Male Naga Makes You His | ASMR Roleplay [Naga Roleplay] [Monster Boy] [Gender Neutral]

Since my first ASMR Naga Roleplay I’ve been thinking about doing another 😉 and here it is. Artwork in thumbnail by: vassalex.tumblr.com Check em out!

ASMR Football College Playoff Rankings, Relaxing Whisper, Tapping, Sleep | ASMR Sports

asmr #football #playoffs #cfb #cfp #whisper #tapping #handsounds #eartoear #relax #sleep #ramble #whisperramble #tingles #binaural Welcome back!

Male Dentist Exam ASMR

Hello guys and gals. Today I am uploading a long awaited video: an ASMR video where I focus on cleaning your teeth and examining you to ensure you are …

Just before bed male moaning(asmr)

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ASMR True Scary Christmas Stories From Reddit – True Scary Story ASMR Reading (Male Voice)

Here are a few scary stories from reddit. Thought it would be fun to add some creepiness to the holidays. Don’t forget to like and subscribe and hit the bell!

ASMR Illustration: Thank you! (Hand lettering)

A ginormous thank you to @Gibi for featuring me in her video, and to all of YOU for subscribing and leaving such wonderful comments and feedback!

ASMR – Candy Cane Galore😍(Male Whisper)

Enjoy the sounds and relax while I eat a bunch of candy lol Patreon here → https://www.patreon.com/ricky7odriosola The Escape …

ASMR Taking Care Of You While Sick | Deep Male Voice Talking | Relaxing 🤒😷🤧

Hello and welcome to a new ASMR video. Today’s video will include ASMR Taking Care of You While Sick, ASMR Caring Friend Roleplay, ASMR Mic Tapping, …


Holi, espero que te guste mucho este videito de ASMR TAROT INTERACTIVO que hice con mi hermana ANGE, simplemente me pareció algo bonito mezclar …

편안한 심장소리 asmr l the sound of heartbeat l Korean male l 한국어 asmr l 남자 asmr l hovy

안녕하세요 여러분!! 오랜만이에요!! 어느새 한달이 넘게 지나버렸네요 ㅠㅠ 더욱 분발하도록 하겠습니다!! 오늘 영상은 심장소리입니다 들으시…

✰ yandere ex boyfriend kidnaps u ✰ [ASMR]

link to last video: https://youtu.be/5wQPkAgRB1s.

ASMR Male Whispered Deep Voice | Personal Attention | Head Massage for Sleep

In this brand episode of Netflix and Chills, I’ll help you fall asleep with some of the most relaxing head massage and voice sounds possible! Time to gather up …

becoming a vamp's pet ( male x female asmr roleplay)

I have a lot of ideas for this series and the rest of the ongoing series on my channel, I just hope your ready as this world may be bigger than you think and I may …

ASMR Intense Trigger Words | Deep Male Voice Talking, Mic Tapping, Beard Scratching, Ramble

Hello & welcome to my channel. Today’s video will include some intense ASMR triggers words with a little bit of mic tapping and beard scratching. If you like my …

ASMR Personal Attention, Intelligible & Inaudible Male Whispers | Hand & Mouth Sounds [NO EFX]

Greetings my beautiful people today or tonight depending where you live I will be doing in intelligible and inaudible whispers along with personal attention and …

Let me help with those Cream-pie sweetie [Male ASMR][ASMR Yandere][Boyfriend Audio]

[Male ASMR][ASMR Yandere][Boyfriend Audio]

Positive Affirmations ASMR || ASMR Ramble || Deep Male Voice Whispering || Daily ASMR

Positive affirmations ASMR. Still new to this concept so please let me know if you enjoyed in the comment section below. Thank you for watching! DONATE TO …

[ASMR] I Grew Some Pumpkins! – Male Whisper Ear to Ear

So this video was a long time in the making, mainly filmed over summer this year when I didn’t haven’t the time to make any other ASMR videos. But it’s here now …

ASMR Boyfriend – Naughty Pharmacist [Male ASMR][ASMR Yandere]

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ASMR Male Mouth Sounds [mouth sounds] [hand sounds]

ASMR Male Mouth Sounds [mouth sounds] [hand sounds]