Gibi ASMR Full Apartment Tour | Chicago

Ahhhh omg when this video is posted I will be MOVED OUT ;-; I’m already pre-sad about it!! I love this apartment (although I don’t love my college party neighbors…………..) and it was such a good home to Ben, Luigi and I for almost two years. A really lovely chapter in our lives, and I was very lucky to be able to live here. Chicago, I’ll miss ya! Sorry I never said where I was living, but for obvious reasons I could not LOL. I will not miss the cold. It’s January. Goodbye. XD
Hope you enjoy this tour!!! As you can see, my apartment is very dark and cozy…how I like it. I blame my YouTube channel on how I have accumulated so much crap. But I’m excited for you guys to see my place!!! Finally!

Thanks for watching, sleep well, and there will be a full Stream Room Tour coming out Thursday 😀 I figured out filming a bit better so it should be more genuinely relaxing than this one lol.

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