Gibi ASMR Reviews Small & Brand New ASMR Channels

Check out everyone’s links below and give them some love!! I wasn’t sure what to title this video but I went through channels that are either brand new, or actually have been posting for a long time but maybe have flown under your radar!! Have you watched any of these channels? What do you think? 🙂 This is technically a sequel to my reviewing other ASMR channels which can be fouuuund here:

I kind of went the advice/actual reviewing route this time, I hope it’s ok! You definitely don’t have to take my advice and ultimately, the most important thing is to make content that *you* are happy with. However, I am always happy to answer questions or give feedback!! My biggest / most broad takeaways were: Turn up your audio in post production, and Don’t bump the Yeti/table/cord! Instant and easy upgrades, but things I wasn’t great at in the beginning 😀 Looking at the viewfinder too instead of the camera lens. Ha! I do this still….
Thank you all for submitting your channels!! You are brave 😉 thank you for allowing me to review them. And apologies to everyone I didn’t get to — if you like these types of videos I would be more than happy to make some more! ASMR School!!! Ft. An Unqualified Professor.

0:00 – Intro
2:31 – AnnaLaysChips ASMR (
6:18 – OfStarsinTheSky (
11:15 – Rosy ASMR (
16:03 – Andi ASMR (
21:35 – Exploring ASMR (
27:58 – Tippy Tappy ASMR (
34:23 – ShelbyShivers ASMR (
40:29 – ASMR Illustration (
44:59 – MatthewThings (
49:02 – Kira’s ASMR (
55:14 – ASMRKitten (
1:00:00 – Becki ASMR (

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